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Welcome to IN TOTO Legal Services

IN TOTO Legal Services is designed to be an efficient and client-centered law firm. IN TOTO provides reasonably priced, high quality legal advice that is tailored to meet your legal needs. We maintain continuous updates with your case and quickly reply to your communications. Other benefits include a free initial consultation before contracting for work which is followed by a no-commitment estimate by email or mail. If you would like to see what IN TOTO can do for you, please click on the Contact Tab. 


Family Law Focus

IN TOTO Legal Services focuses on family law matters (divorce, support, child custody, and general modifications of parenting and/or separation agreements). IN TOTO provides unique packages for noncontested divorces, mediated divorces, and mediated modifications. The potential for noncontested filings and mediated agreements is explored prior to entering into contested filings. This approach helps many clients save money and efficiently resolve their case with less conflict.


In some cases contested filings are necessary and appropriate. For contested cases, IN TOTO provides firm representation for its clients. Even in a contested context, agreements and stipulations are sought without sacrificing or diminishing a client's position to facilitate the efficient closing of a case.  IN TOTO Legal Services neither uses the legal system to inflame the emotions to garner greater legal fees nor concede positions to settle a case. If your spouse chooses to hire an attorney who prides themselves on their "aggressive representation" and combative nature, IN TOTO will stand firm and protect your position.


All Services are graduated based on the needs and expectations of the client. That is, limited representation, drafting of court motions, and whole divorce packets are offered on a fixed-fee basis. Full representation is available to clients who want a lawyer to handle all aspects of their family law case. IN TOTO works with its clients to achieve the best results possible for its clients with a sensitivity to your financial resources. 


Practice Areas

IN TOTO is a full-service law firm which handles a broad range of legal matters in an affordable manner. Our specializations include: tax law, business law, mediation/arbitration, and family law. If you would like more information about the range of services that IN TOTO provides please visit the Service and Specializations Tab.



Key Benefits of IN TOTO Legal Services:

  • Free initial consultation.

  • Upfront, no surprises, flat-fee billing.

  • Detailed bills which clearly explain the work done and the cost.

  • No per diem charges (including meals and gas) for local services. 

  • Ability to travel to you or meet at offices in Fort Collins, Loveland or Denver.

  • Fast and friendly response to your communications.

  • Legal matters will be handled by a single attorney from start to finish.

    Areas Serviced

  • IN TOTO is a law office based in Northern Colorado with satellite offices in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Denver. IN TOTO also services most rural areas in Colorado that are within 100 miles of its satellite offices. For federal tax matters, IN TOTO provides limited legal services to Southern Wyoming.