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Family Law

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Family Law


When a relationship is ending,  emotions are experienced by all parties. Overlapping these feeling with the slow and difficult process of dividing assets and parenting responsibilities and most couples feel overwhelmed. Unlike most states, Colorado has created several cost-effective legal options for spouses to dissolve a marriage and care for children. Some options range from non-conflictual jointly filled petitions to adversarial contested filings.


All marriages and parenting situations are unique. The majority of people in Colorado find that representation allows parties to customize a separation or divorce and focus on what really matters;  financial/emotional stability and focusing on their children’s needs.  IN TOTO has structure several fix-fee plans to allow couples to successfully terminate a marriage and setup parenting plans. These plans are designed to limit financial and emotional hassles. If a reasonable compromise is not possible, IN TOTO provides active and aggressive representation to help you.



Separation Agreements


While it may be clear that marital problems exist, spouses may not be confident that a divorce is the best resolution of marital discord. In these situations, placing physical distance between spouses may assist in determining if marital counseling can resolve disputes or if a formal divorce is the preferred outcome. In Colorado, separation can take several forms ranging from an informal separation (in which no court filings are required) to a formal separation (in which property is divided, but certain benefits associated with marriage can continue). In either case, it is often advisable for spouses to create a basic separation agreement to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of each spouse. IN TOTO provides a reasonably priced fixed fee plan that provides individual and joint advising and personalized standard or complex separation agreements.



Non Contest Dissolution/Jointly Filed Dissolution


Divorces are emotionally exhausting and expensive. If couples are ready to move to the ending of a marriage,  they often feel overwhelmed. The legal fees alone can total several thousand dollars for each spouse. Combining court costs and expert testimony into a divorce can result in costs well in excess of $10,000 per individual. Colorado is unusual amongst most states in actively combating unnecessary costs and stress by creating numerous avenues for couples to end a marriage. One method is a non-contested divorce. In a Non-contested divorce both parties file for divorce together and, where possible, resolve disagreements you have without court involvement.  The upside of this approach is a significant reduction is the time, cost, and emotional stress of a divorce.


IN TOTO has created a flat fee product that will provide an overview of the dissolution process, guidance on resolving disputes, drafting a separation and custody agreement, and providing individualized advice via phone, email, and personal contact. In the event a no contest petition becomes a contested divorce, IN TOTO will provide prorated fees when representing a party during the contested divorce.  



Mediated and Arbitrated Dissolution


Colorado allows and encourages spouses to resolve their disputes without the need of a formal judicial hearing. Both mediation and arbitration allow spouses to more actively participate in seeking compromises with less legal interference. As a result, former spouses tend to have better relations post-dissolution and legal cost and fees are reduced. While both methods can be very helpful in the divorce process, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to inform and advise prior to mediation or arbitration because a party’s argument can be focused to reduce conflict and expenses.  With this in mind, IN TOTO provides reduced hourly and fixed fee charges for advice and special representation during the dispute resolution process.



Contested Dissolution


Not all marriages end well. Some former spouses maintain unreasonable positions and are uncooperative. In these situations, the only approach is to seek a contested divorce. While Colorado provides numerous opportunities for spouses to resolve disputes without court intervention, both spouses have the opportunity to seek court review of every aspect of a divorce or custody disputes. IN TOTO has a proven track record of successfully resolving contested issues in an cost-effective and efficient manner.



Child Custody, Child Support, and Modifications


While most people associate custody agreements and child support with divorce, in Colorado every child is entitled to support whether or not the parents are married. In Colorado, child support is not optional. Colorado and federal law provides powerful tools to both calculate support and ensure the prompt payment of support.


Outside of claims for support, people’s lives change and even the best separation/custody agreement cannot contemplate every possible change in people’s lives. Some modifications, such as changing residences, are comparatively minor, while others, such as challenging primary custody, are more complex. Since child-related issues revolve around balancing the needs of former spouses and children, IN TOTO has a structured program to seek active compromise without relinquishing the best interests a child.



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