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Insurance Assessments


IN TOTO offers reasonably priced insurance assessments and legal opinions. All assessments are provided on a fixed fee basis. IN TOTO does not represent parties in litigation, but provides a neutral review of the insurance claim, expected outcomes, potential defenses, strengths and weakness, and general assistance with the process. Assessments are available for: auto accidents, property/personal injury at home, life insurance, and workers’ compensation.


IN TOTO offers tailored, fact-specific analysis, of the facts of the case. IN TOTO is paid by client and not the insurance company. This representation does not appear on record. All legal opinions are private and solely between you and IN TOTO. Opinions are usually returned within one to two weeks. Limited settlement offer opinions  can be expedited and are generally returned in two days to assist with the evaluation of a settlement offer.  The main advantage of the opinion letter lies in the knowledge that you have a private and neutral party reviewing your situation and providing practical advice to achieve a result that is most favorable to you. 


For An Insured Party:

A neutral assessment allows you have the necessary information to negotiate with an insurance company. This includes a discussion of the relevant legal matters involved in your claim and an estimate of a reasonable expectations of payouts by an insurance company. IN TOTO provides guidance and assistance for the whole insurance claim process. An assessments includes a review of all potential sources of insurance, including personal coverage personal insurance that you and members of your household.  



For An At-Fault Party:

Most insurance contracts provide legal defense as part of insurance coverage. While attorneys paid by your insurance company have a duty of loyalty to you, there can be times when you feel the need to have legal counsel offer you an in-depth analysis and explanation. This can counter the minimal communication and very limited legal advice beyond basic advice to settle a claim that some people receive. Since IN TOTO is not paid by the insurance company, you will receive a fair an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. IN TOTO reviews the claim from all perspectives and can help to explain where potential areas of conflict of interest matters may be at issue.



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