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Non-Contested Filings and General Mediation or Arbitration Contested Filings and General Family Law Financial/Tax Planning and Tax Challenges Insurance Matters and Insurance Law

General Legal Advice

Legal specialties are important, but equally important is the ability of a law firm to act as a partner in meeting the client’s goals. As its name implies, IN TOTO Legal Services prides itself on being a full-service law firm. This principle combined with the free initial consultation means that current and prospective clients can contact our firm without charge and obligation. If you would like more information about what IN TOTO can do for you, click on the specialties below.


Unsure if you have a legal matter that can be resolved by IN TOTO because of the small size of the award, complexity of a matter or uncertainty of the law?

Since it may not be clear if a matter can be resolved in manner that you want, the initial consultation at IN TOTO always free. This allows you to have a licensed attorney listen to your situation and provide feedback on your legal matter. In the event IN TOTO in unable to represent you, a referral will be provided of other attorneys who may be able to handle your legal matter. All referrals are complimentary and are provided free of charge and are not subject to any reciprocal or side agreements with any referred attorneys.